Live to the Beat | A Story from the Heart – featuring Tara Robinson
A Story from the Heart – featuring Tara Robinson

A Story from the Heart – featuring Tara Robinson

Sep 5, 2022


At 40 years old, I experienced three heart attacks in three days – most likely caused by stress. I was practicing certain healthy habits—like exercising and eating healthy, but I wasn’t managing my stress. I was holding on to childhood, adolescent, and adulthood trauma, and not seeing a therapist when I should have been.

My heart attacks were a big wake up call. Since then, I’ve taken steps to ensure I’m healthier than ever – I eat well, exercise, and set healthy boundaries in every area of my life to keep my stress levels down. The experience slowed me down, made me smile more, and deepened my connection to my faith and those around me.

Setting those healthy boundaries was a challenge at first. At times it was difficult to say NO or to be honest when I was struggling mentally. But every day when I wake up, I’m grateful – and I try to make the best of each day.

From this experience, I’ve learned that I’m an OVERCOMER, and making sure others take care of themselves is how I live to the beat. My mission now is to help others heal their hearts in many ways – spiritually, emotionally, and physically, through my organization, Black Heart Association.

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