Live to the Beat | A Story from the Heart – featuring Lisa Smith

A Story from the Heart – featuring Lisa Smith

Oct 25, 2022


When my grandmother was placed in a nursing home following her stroke, my family and I took turns visiting and caring for her.

She yearned to leave.  Every day, she asked if we could bring her home. Witnessing her discomfort and pain broke my heart – there was only so much any of us could do to make her feel comfortable.

I felt helpless.

In my experience, the impact of cardiovascular disease went far beyond my grandmother’s stroke. My family was overwhelmed by the physical, financial, and emotional toll of her care. My aunt had to relocate to Michigan too. Another aunt had to assume the financial responsibilities.  The hardest part was the realization that it didn’t have to be this way. Heart disease can largely be prevented through small, consistent lifestyle choices.

Each week when I visited my grandmother, I made it a priority to emphasize how important diet and exercise would be for her healing. I rededicated myself to my own health journey, finding a plant-based nutrition plan that worked for me. I made it my life mission to extend the HEALTHY life expectancy of people of color on this planet. And I pray stories and lessons like these help us all to make better lifestyle choices for our own sake and those that we love.

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