Live to the Beat | A Story from the Heart - featuring Kayanna Scott

A Story from the Heart - featuring Kayanna Scott

Dec 21, 2022


In 2018 I experienced a widow-maker heart attack, a cardiovascular event so serious it’s intended to take your life. After my recovery, I knew I would need to make significant lifestyle changes to heal and I’m lucky that I didn’t have to do it alone. The path towards healing is not always clear, is often lifelong, and is easier to carry with the support of community.

My colleagues, church family, family, and friends all remind me daily of the small choices I can make for my heart health, from choosing healthy snacks to finding time for quick walks, to praying and prioritizing self-care. My heart attack had many contributing factors, including stress, which makes managing stress a huge part of my healing journey. To keep my stress levels low, I focus on maintaining a good work-life balance, I pray about the things I cannot change, I talk challenges out with friends, and I prioritize myself every day.

The support of my community has helped me through it all, and through the journey I’ve learned that helping someone else make healthy choices helps me heal. I share my advice, experience, and testimony with anyone who calls, highlighting the signs and symptoms that women in particular face.

I live to the beat each day by determining my own attitude in life, leaning on my community, and helping others take small steps to protect their hearts each day.

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